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Pipemarking Introduction

Pipes everywhere. There are simply more and more installations. What is in the pipes, and where are their contents going? Guessing is not good enough.

You have to know which pipe you are turning off or on every single time. Otherwise the consequences could be devastating.

Naturally, we can print according to all international regulations

Marking pipes correctly is important for a number of reasons:

• Safety: Marking according to standards reduces the risk of mistakes. External personnel also have to be able to interpret pipe markings correctly and quickly – especially the Emergency Services.

• Economy: Shutdowns and mistakes cost time and money.

• Environment: Minimizing leakage and contamination is a natural step towards greater environmental awareness.

SP-10 year guarantee
The test has finally been completed. In 2006 we tested our TOP/TIP systems at the Swedish Testing and Research Institute. It is with pride that we are now able to provide a 10 year guarantee on these systems both indoors and outdoors. Our UV lamination is required in order to validate the guarantee outdoors. The guarantee applies to Swedish weather conditions.

The picture on the right shows the results of outdoor marking after 10 years. The upper row does not have our UV laminate. We also tested different colour suppliers, which explains the difference in colour in the lower row.