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TIP stands for Text In Arrow.

This pipe marking system consists of color-coded marking tape with
transparent arrow window. Complete with text label that is placed
behind the arrow window using markings on the marking tape
self-adhesive backing. To facilitate, we have developed TIP Label Sheets which you easily print on printers. Then you do not have to cut out text pieces. Order separately. All colors according to Swedish Standard SS741.

TIP consists of laminated, self-adhesive, environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP). The material can withstand water, oil and most acids, alkalis and is adapted to withstand all harsh environments, both indoors and outdoors. The text is protected against wear by a laminated surface layer. The label tape can withstand temperatures up to 120 ° C and is UV-resistant.

10-year warranty

When mounting indoors by TIP-Standard. 
We provide a 10-year guarantee with TIP-Special.
If you laminate with our special UV laminate 10 year warranty is also provided outdoors on these 2 systems.

Product specification

  • TIP is delivered in rolls of 160 mm x 10 meters with 55 arrows per roll.
  • Arrow size: 135 mm x 36 mm. The arrows return every 150 mm.
  • Label marking: 125 mm x 46 mm.
  • Text labels: Made easily by yourself or after ordering.
  • TIP label sheet 10 sheets / pack (8 labels / A4 sheets). Order separately.
  • Can also be ordered with the text pre-printed. We call it TIP standard and TIP special.

 The advantage of the TIP system is when the same color is used but with many different texts and few markings are required. TIP is always in stock. Fits pipe dimensions down to 35 mm pipes, for smaller pipes you can use our MINI-TIP.