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Now you can also get the TIP-System with printed texts on the roll.
We call it TIP-Standard and TIP-Special.

TIP-Special is just as it sounds, you choose which text you want
want on the roll. The roll is 160mm x 10m with 55 arrows, where we
press your special text on the white arrow which is then protected
with a laminate. If you need less than one roll of the same
text, the TIP system with loose text pieces is still the option.
Templates for printing the text sheets yourself can be found under templates in
menu on the left. Delivery time for TIP-Special is 1-2 days after order.

10-year warranty

When mounting indoors by TIP-Standard &
We provide a 10-year guarantee with TIP-Special.
If you laminate with our special UV laminate 10 year warranty is also provided outdoors on these 2 systems.